Logic game «Ungaria»

I have found the my old implementation of nice logic puzzle — Ungaria.This game was developed at Feb 2000 for Win95, but it also will work for WinXp, Win-Vista and etc.This implementation based in idea from Oscar (see below). There are some difference:

  • you can configure size of grid
  • you can change number of colors used in dominoes
  • there are no time limit

Please download (Ungaria game) and enjoy.[/lang_en]

[lang_ru]Нашел в архивах старую имплементацию игры Ungraia.

Это логическая игра — головоломка.

Игра была сделана в феврале 2000-го для Win95, но работает и более поздних версиях (WinXp, Vista и т.д.)

Реализация игры базировалась на иде Оскара (см. ниже) с небольшими изменениям:

можно менять размер игрового поля

можно менять кол-во цветов на доминошках

нет ограничения по времени.

Скачивайте (Ungaria game). Удачи![/lang_ru]

un2 This is the original version of Ungaria by Oscar Daudt Neto (1991).Link: http://members.chello.at/theodor.lauppert/games/ungaria.htmIntroduction
Ungaria is a challenging game of strategy, skill and a bit of luck, adapted from ancient traditions of the Magyar people. Requiring concentration and speed, it is a wonderful pastime, that can be played with various levels of complexity and different time demands, allowing the players to keep a record of their evolution.
Points are awarded for any domino placed on the board.The higher the number of edge fits and/or the faster you play and/or the more dominoes already on board,the higher the points. Games configured with smaller boards and/or with more colors reward more points.
un3 The new one version by Argos Gameware (1995)Links: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/puzzle/ungaria/review.htmlhttp://www.ag.ru/games/ungariaThe gameplay is as follows: You begin with an empty grid and are dealt a finite series of colored squares. Each square is divided into four sections, each of which can be one of four colors. The object of the game is to fill the empty grid by placing the squares so that their bordering colors match.

The squares can be rotated with the click of a mouse button or “mirrored” by pushing a button up at the top of the screen. More points are awarded if you match two or more sides of a square to a group of squares. And if you place a square and match four sides — the crowning achievement — you accomplish “ungaria” and receive the maximum points. A “bonus time” counter ticks away relentlessly at the side of the screen, and the less time you take to make a move, the more points you get. What happens if your time runs out? Absolutely nothing! If you’re stuck on a move, go ahead and grab dinner and a movie because you’ve got plenty of time. Of course, there’s always the option of discarding the unusable piece.

Other game options include increasing the grid size and increasing the number of colors available to each square.