Statistics from RequisitePro via RPX

I’m spent this long weekend for study RXP protocol which IBM recommend to communicate with.

As I know java, I decide to write small utility on Java RPX. I was my mistake, because IBM Java RPX is worst API which I sow in last years. Methods like OpenProject(arg0, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5) make me crazy.

As result I use VBA RPX API as reference and Java RPX API just as implementation.

In any case, result of my homework — I’m able to build statistics based on RequisirePro repository about how often I change requirements in project. It helps me to analyse time when my requirements set is stable and ready for implementation. Also this simple chart show me which external actions affect requirements (architecture overview stage, review requirements by development team or test team).

In my next step I going to implement RSS stream for all requirements changes in project scope, it should help my team follow in any changes in product in frame iterative process.

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  1. Hi,

    I m trying to develop API for requisite pro. I m using JAVA and as a library RPX. I want to develop an api which can get the username and password from the executed RequisitePro windows or web application. Do u know any way that can help me? If not, how can i make api code to show authentication window again to make user to authenticate one more time?? I have the last question as well. Is there any way to get the project name as I mentioned for the username and password above?

  2. I don’t know how get password from ReqPro.
    but you should provide username and password when open project
    project = RPX.OpenProject(

  3. First of all thnx for ur reply.

    I think it will be more useful if i explain what i m trying to develop.

    I want to develop addin with java which use the reqs of the current project in reqpro application running on the system. Thats why i need to get the information about the current user and project running in reqpro. if i get the information, i wont need to develop additional window to get the username and password and project information as well. Do u hava any idea about this case??

  4. As I know, IBM did not privode API for «running reqpo», only RPX API to repository.
    In my understanding ReqPro GUI use RPX itself for communicate with repository.

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