Canon 350D — [lang_en]Sparrow[/lang_en][lang_ru]Воробей[/lang_ru]

sp_thum.jpg[lang_en]Some words about my camera: I use new camera Canon 350D for 4 months, also I use camera lens Canon EF-S 18-55 mm for present time. Of course I have storage card CF 2Gb 40x, two tripods Manfrotto 718B (up to 169 cm height) and small (pocket) tripod (up to 40 cm).

And new photo — impudent young sparrow.[/lang_en][lang_ru]

Несколько слов о моем фотоаппарате: уже в течении 4-х месяцев я использую новую камеру Canon 350D со штатным объективом Canon EF-S 18-55 мм. Также в процессе сьемки используется карточка CF 2Gb 40x, два шатива Manfrotto 718B (до 169 см высота) и маленький карманный штатив (до 40 см).

Ну и очередная фотография — наглого молодого воробья.[/lang_ru]



Canon 350D — [lang_en]Sparrow[/lang_en][lang_ru]Воробей[/lang_ru]: 3 комментария

  1. Very nice shot. I use the same camera. I read that the kit lens is not as good as some others with the same focal range, but I’ve had good results so far — I want another one, though! :-)

  2. No, maybe a kit lens is not as good as some other lenses, but those other lenses also cost a lot more money! To be honest, when I bought my first SLR 6 years ago (was still film — god I’m old!) I kept my kit lens for ages — I have now updated all my equipment but looking back at the photos taken with that lens — it really was not that bad!!!

    Very cute little sparrow by the way! :o)

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